A wine supply chain solution to ensure provenance, authenticity and integrity

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Why VinoTrust?

Through deceptive packaging the reputation of wine producers in all major wine producing countries is being threatened. To deal with this threat wine producers often rely on multiple and complex software options to meet label integrity laws and manage their business.

VinoTrust assures wine authenticity while simplifying Wine Australia’s Label Integrity Program record keeping.

What is deceptive packaging?

Wine labels copied, wine bottles refilled, grape variety and wine region misrepresented – wines that are not what the label states.

VinoTrust – an Australian initiative, for the world!

Australia and wine innovation are interlinked. As Australia’s reputation as a wine producer strengthens, so does the risk of wine fraud. Conceived and designed by wine people and developed by leaders in digital and blockchain technology, this is a solution built for the industry, by the industry.

How does VinoTrust work?

VinoTrust combines new technology, such as blockchain, IoT, cloud and mobile, to provide a trusted, verifiable system where records are geolocated, timestamped and immutable.

We verify

VinoTrust can verify each stage of the supply chain ensuring provenance, authenticity and integrity.


Confirms origin and history


Proof that it is real


Uncorrupted, intact, unopened




Wine finish


VinoTrust trial participants

More than 100 vineyard blocks in the Clare Valley are participating in the world’s largest ever wine provenance blockchain trial.

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VinoTrust news

World's biggest wine blockchain trial begins
World's biggest wine blockchain trial begins

The largest blockchain wine provenance trial in the world has kicked off in the Clare Valley, with about 100 vineyards from 12 wine companies taking part.

World-first in wine innovation
World-first in wine innovation

New world-first blockchain wine authentication technology is set to be trialled in the Clare Valley next vintage.

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Clare winemakers on a winner with bottle security technology
Clare winemakers on a winner with bottle security technology

David Travers and Jeff Grosset from the Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association last night won the Premier’s Blockchain Innovation Challenge in Adelaide.

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Fake wine
Fake wine

The issue of counterfeit bottles may seem far from home, affecting only the world’s oldest and rarest wines. But it’s more insidious than you might think.

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VinoTrust team

Jeffrey Grosset


Owner and founder of Grosset Wines, Jeff has winemaking experience spanning 50 vintages across diverse regions in Australia and Europe.

David Travers


Grapegrower and farmer, David is a committee member of Australian Grape and Wine Inc and a Director of the Wine Grape Council of SA.

Chris Bishop

Lead Engineer and Designer

Seeta Indrani

UX Facilitator

Rob Allen

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Michael John Corbett

Project Manager

Frances Uggias

Company Secretary

Karl Kern

Lead Platform Engineer

Mihai Diaconita

Lead Android/iOS Developer

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